More Than Puzzling!

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When temperatures approach 70 degrees in mid-January, I want to start a little spring cleaning.

I was embarrassed to take a BEFORE shot.

First, I decided to tackle our jigsaw puzzle situation.

Didn’t make it in the video.

With 45 puzzles in our queue, not including our current puzzles on the dining room table, the storage cabinet was in need of organization.

I bought this one (currently working) for the duck in the lower right…DONALD!
My plotting device as I work on book 8!
Derek prefers the 500-piece puzzles.

Years ago, when we first started our puzzling journey,

I remember an old coworker presented me with the following question:

“Why would you waste your time working a puzzle when you could do something like write a book?”

So now, I do both!

Writing a book while working a puzzle is much easier and more fun than staring at a blinking cursor.

Worked puzzles to be donated or sold.
Ready and waiting!


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