Winner(s) Announced!

Bonus winners


Hello, Friends!

Happy July!

Did you check out the video?

This time of year our garden is a popular spot for the Eastern tiger swallowtail.

This fella was crazy about the Dianthus.

Before I announce the winner of this beauty,

plus two bonus winners of this adorable notebook,

I thought I’d share a few photos from the garden.

This is my $3 rescue Dianthus that came in a one-gallon container.

Derek transplanted it into a ten-gallon pot and it exploded.

We were thrilled that our Curcuma hybrid (perennial) recently put on another show.

I was having a good time working on this puzzle…


two pieces ended up MIA.

Oh well…on to the next!

Thanks to everyone who emailed to enter the drawing.

I enjoyed reading how you stay or try to stay organized.

The winner of the Fringe KEEP IT SIMPLE calendar is


Since you know I always like to have more than one winner, I drew two more names for the Snoopy notebook which can also be used to keep your life simple.

The winners are:

Glenda Thedens

Mary Garback!

Congratulations, ladies. Please email me to claim your prize.

Finally, while doing some summer cleaning I discovered a surplus of review copies of my previous books that I’d like to giveaway.

If you’re a book reviewer and haven’t read any of my past books send me an email to enter the drawing going on through the summer.

Check out my Amazon page.

Thanks for reading!