This and that!


Hello friends!

This past week has brought tropical downpours and humid conditions.

Donald loves it! And the worms, too!

Our rescue flowers are thriving.

The $3 fern loves this tropical weather!
The $1 lantana was slow to bloom, but it’s trying hard. It’s attracting the hummies!

This week I picked up these cute little nuggets.

I couldn’t pass them up!

They weren’t on the rescue shelf, but still a great deal.

The American arborvitae is a hardy, native evergreen with a narrow pyramid shape.

We plan to raise and nurture them in large planter pots before transplanting them into the ground.

We did the same with these Japanese false cypress evergreens.

It’s hard to believe a few years ago these were in pots on our porch.

My fall puzzle is coming along.

I picked up these two gems on sale at Hobby Lobby!

This reminded me of Happy Days!

This brought back memories.

I’m still working toward my deadline.

The September $1.99 e-book sale is still happening on Amazon, but only for Searching for Home.

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Enjoy the rest of the week!