Where's Donald?

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Lately, I’ve received a lot of emails asking about Donald.

I filmed the opening video on January 16, 2023.

Sadly, since that day, she hasn’t come by our house for a visit.

To say we’ve missed her is an understatement.

Following a couple weeks of worrying, she showed up at our neighbor’s house, appearing very thin.


early this morning, I spotted her (with binoculars) frolicking in the lake with Canadian geese.

She looked happy just doing what ducks do.

This made me happy!

Perhaps she got bored with human company and needed a change.

We are hopeful this sweet face will stop by soon!

Miss this face!

On a happier note, signs of spring are popping up!

Several transplanted rescue hyacinths have bloomed.
More transplanted rescue hyacinths.

Even the cloudy view from one of my writing rooms is showing signs of spring with the Bermuda grass beginning to turn green once again.

Greener each day.

In between writing, editing, working on cover art, family time and studying, puzzles still help to calm my mind.

Doesn’t this look fun?
A long way to go!
I really enjoyed this!


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